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Featured Business: Find What You Need at Wilderness Variety

Since 1985, Sherri Skinner has offered a little bit of everything at Wilderness Variety, a convenience store and more in Mt. Chase, Maine.

A group of ATVs parked at Wilderness Variety in Mt. Chase, Maine
A group of ATVs parked at Wilderness Variety in Mt. Chase, Maine

Interview With Sherri Skinner, Owner of Supporting Business: Wilderness Variety

Patten ATV Club: Where is Wilderness Variety located?

Sherri Skinner: 1444 Shin Pond Road, Mount Chase - ATV Trail 611

Patten ATV Club: What goods and services does your business provide? What makes your business special? Do you offer anything specific to ATV riders?

Sherri Skinner: We make custom order subs, homemade sweets, delicious shaved steak subs, red hot dogs and the best hamburgers around. We sell propane, hunting and fishing supplies, clothing, and gas, including non-ethanol. We also have trail maps, give directions, advise and opinions, no charge!

Patten ATV Club: What is one thing you would recommend an ATV rider see/do/visit while in our area? Describe a perfect day riding an ATV: when/where would you start, where would you go, where would you stop, etc.?

Sherri Skinner: I personally don't get out much, but I like going up to Robert's Mountain look-out to eat a packed lunch. I start at Wilderness Variety, take 611G around Upper Shin Pond to 612 (Lane Brook Road) to Robert's Mountain.

Picnic table at Robert's Mountain lookout
Picnic table at Robert's Mountain lookout

An ATV at sunset on Robert's Mountain
An ATV at sunset on Robert's Mountain

Patten ATV Club: Do you offer any promotions/specials/discounts to Patten ATV Club Members? If so, and a club member presented their membership card, what would they be entitled to at your business?

Sherri Skinner: Patten ATV Club Members can get ten cents off per gallon of gas from July 1st through the end of September.

Patten ATV Club: How can someone find out more?

Sherri Skinner: They can call (207) 528-2626 or visit our website.

Patten ATV Club: It's been our pleasure to feature your business, Sherri. We appreciate our supporting business members and all you do for the club!

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