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Featured Business: Libby's Lodge & Canty's

Proprietor and Maine Master Guide Travis Libby offers guided ATV rides on Patten's award-winning trails right outside the door at Libby's Lodge & Canty's in Mt. Chase, Maine.

A group of ATV riders at Libby's Lodge & Canty's in Mt. Chase, Maine
A group of ATV riders at Libby's Lodge & Canty's in Mt. Chase, Maine

Interview With Travis Libby, Owner of Supporting Business: Libby's Lodge & Canty's

Patten ATV Club: Where is Libby's Lodge & Canty's located?

Travis Libby: 1031 Shin Pond Road , Mount Chase.

Our lodging location is directly on the ATV access trail right on Rt 159. We are a proud sponsor of Patten ATV Club because they always give a shout out to our business and work harder than the rest to keep the sport alive. Libby's Lodge is very active in helping when needed and if anyone comes to Maine we push them towards joining Patten ATV Club.

Patten ATV Club: What goods and services does your business provide? What makes your business special? Do you offer anything specific to ATV riders?

Travis Libby: We are a 4-season outdoor recreation center. We provide lodging for large and small groups and have Maine Licensed Recreational Guides on staff to show you the beauty of our state and to keep you safe and sound while on the trails. We have groups that ride with us and on there own that return year after year. Let us become part of your Maine getaway.

Patten ATV Club: What is one thing you would recommend an ATV rider see/do/visit while in our area? Describe a perfect day riding an ATV: when/where would you start, where would you go, where would you stop, etc.?

One of the recommended stops when out on the trails: The Falls
One of the recommended stops when out on the trails: The Falls

Travis Libby: : I would recommend local waterfalls, great fishing streams and brooks and Mount Chase mountain. A perfect day of riding would be getting up before sun comes up and watching the sun come through the trees. Taking a grill with your favorite foods and having a picnic. We would hit some of the great scenic views of Mt Katahdin and maybe go fishing in some streams. Return back to the lodge to enjoy an evening sitting around the fire and having a few beverages.

Patten ATV Club: What is the most memorable thing you have seen while riding our trails? Describe your experience.

Travis Libby: Most memorable thing I have seen is a few-hour old moose calf with its mom...and flying squirrels flying past the windshield of the side by side.

Patten ATV Club: Do you offer any promotions/specials/discounts to Patten ATV Club Members? If so, and a club member presented their membership card, what would they be entitled to at your business?

Travis Libby: We offer 10% off a group package of lodging and guiding services if you belong to Patten ATV Club.

Patten ATV Club: How can someone find out more?

Travis Libby: They can visit our website at https://LibbysLodge.com.

Patten ATV Club: It's been our pleasure to feature your business, Libby's Lodge & Canty's. We appreciate our supporting business members and all you do for the club!

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