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There are Two Ways to Join Patten ATV Club:

1. Download, Print, Complete and Mail in the Application with Payment


Patten ATV Club

Love to Ride? Join Your Local ATV Club!

73 Club Members in 2015
112 Club Members in 2016
124 Club Members in 2017

200+ Club Members in 2018

297Club Members in 2019 

300 Club Members in 2020

468 Club Members in 2021

410 Club Members in 2022

Those are amazing numbers; we appreciate each and every one of your Memberships. We also appreciate everyone's feedback. We've been getting a lot of great feedback lately on our signage and trails. The trails are a lot of work, managed by very few volunteers. They take pride in each and every single mile that we have.


Love our trails? Love the ability to get out with your family and take a beautiful ride on the weekend overlooking the most beautiful scenery a person can ask for? I mean, look at our surroundings, we live in a place that is absolutely breathtaking. Come ride our trails with views of Mount Katahdin and Mount Chase, ponds, bogs & streams.


Some of the best businesses around are accessible on our trails, with most of them being Supporting Business Members where you can gas up, sleep, eat, and ride!


Who wouldn't want to join this club and ride our trails!  

Want to know what you can do to help?


Volunteer, donate, join!


$30 Supporting Business Member

Supporting Business Members receive advertising on ATV Maine’s website and in their annual catalog. We also promote your business on our facebook page and here on website. ATV Maine presents each Supporting Business Member with a plaque and an annual tag for the plaque.  New Perk in 2023: Featured Blog Post

$20 Primary Member

Includes spouse & children under 18

ATV Maine will mail you information on a $3,500 no-cost Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance benefit that covers your spouse and children living with you.

$10 Associate Member

Current Primary Membership with a club in good standing, required


To those of you who donate on top of that, we say THANK YOU! We are able to do so much more because of your generosity. With miles of trails to cover, all donations and memberships assist us in maintaining the trails each year and allow us to add to the trails you already love!


Why join Patten ATV Club vs. just ride on our trails?


  • For starters, these trails don't build or maintain themselves. Our trail master works with a few volunteers weekly, on top of a full time job ensuring you have a fun, safe ride. 

  • Some of our trails are on Irving Land. In order to ride on Irving land you need to be a part of a club affiliated with ATV Maine and have an ATV Maine Decal on your ATV! If you don't, well then you're trespassing on Irving property. 

  • You get to be a part of a club that takes pride in everything they do, from trails, to keeping you informed.

  • We support local businesses and assist each and every one of our members whenever they need information on: trails, lodging, gas, restaurants and we answer whatever questions they may have.

  • We support our community. Examples: we host an annual charity event, "Dustin's Poker Run," in which we've raised and donated to Wreaths Across America in memory of Dustin Harris and we've held raffles which raised funds to support Main Street flags.


These are just a few reasons why we say, join your local club! 

Thank you for your support!

NEW! Join the Club and Pay Online

Supporting Business Member

Supporting Business 

Supporting Business Members appear on ATV Maine’s website and in their monthly newsletter. We also promote your business on our Facebook page and our website. ATV Maine presents each Supporting Business with a plaque and an annual tag for the plaque. 

One "2023" decal is included.


New Perk in 2023:

Be Featured on our Website!

Convenience Surcharge Added at Checkout

Primary Membership

Primary Member

Primary Memberships include your spouse and children under the age of 18 living at your home address.

One "2023" decal is included.

Convenience Surcharge Added at Checkout

Associate Membership

Associate Member

Associate Memberships require you to be a current Primary Member with another club in good standing.

One "2023" decal is included.

Convenience Surcharge Added at Checkout

Pay Online
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