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410 Members Joined Our Club for the 2022 ATV Season


Come Join the Ride in the Shadow of Mount Katahdin

Patten ATV Club

We're excited about the 2022 ATV season! Our trails are located in an area that continues to offer more for our members to enjoy in the great outdoors. COMING SOON: Join and pay for your membership online!

​Our membership reached 468 in 2021. We hope you enjoyed our trails and will support us in 2022. Thank you to everyone who joined and renewed their memberships. We appreciate each and every one of you!

Here are a few things we did in 2021 to make your trails better:

  • Constructed a new bridge on East Hersey Trail

  • Constructed a new bridge on South Pole Line Trail

  • Rebuilt a section of trail behind Grammy Goodall Trail

  • Resurfaced the East Hersey Trail from the bridge out

  • Widened Bucks Trail and put culverts in

  • Build a new trail for easy access to Patten's only gas station

What better time to join your local club! If you are already a club member, we hope you are out on the trails and are enjoying your ride! Trails are being worked on and cleaned up thanks to a few volunteers who put in hours whenever they have time. Yet another reason to join your local club: donate your time to the trails that you love to ride. 

We hope that this website will be useful. Members will be able to find: current club information, club events, news on trail conditions and other helpful information.  


Based on all the requests received on the Patten ATV Club Facebook page, our membership/renewal application is available electronically. This convenience allows for people to access the PDF file and print it right from home. You'll find it on the Join page. 

Our goal is to make information about the club easily accessible to everyone and share information with fellow ATV'ers from all over the United States.  


So if you're into riding, whether it be on a four wheeler, dirt bike side by side or snowmobile, come check out our trails!  


Happy Riding!


Meetings are held at The Hangar at 6pm on the

1st Tuesday of the month

53 North Road, Patten, ME 04765